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Office Staff


                                             KAREN WOHAR                                        

Karen is the office manager. Dr. Wohar and Karen have been married for 31 years and began the office together in 1994. As many of our longtime patients know, the office began with their 3 children running around the office, hanging out with patients in the waiting room. Some of you remember reading stories to them out front while waiting to be seen! Well, the kids are now adults, ranging from 23 to 30 years old.

Once the kids were older, Karen went to work in her field as a counselor at Centerville Clinics for nearly 14 years. About 6 years ago, as the last child headed off to college, Karen returned to the office. She works 5 days a week but, due to social distancing, works from home on most Tuesdays.

Karen takes care of scheduling, insurance processing and issues, as well as using her artistic talents decorating the office with her paintings and informative but cute bulletin board designs! She enjoys those of you she has known for years, as well as meeting new people and helping them feel comfortable in the office. Her least favorite part is being the person who has to update and apologize to patients when Dr. Wohar is running behind, to which she has no control over. So thank you for your understanding and being nice to her!

Karen loves painting, especially doing commissioned pet paintings, and playing Celtic songs on whistles and flutes. Her other big love is her Maine Coon cat, Bingley. She loves all furry creatures and sharing pictures and stories with patients about their dear pets.


The office has been fortunate to have Gloria helping us 1 day per week for over a year. She is quick to lend a hand and fill in for Karen as needed. Gloria retired after a long, successful care working in the medical field. She is quick, efficient and obviously caring toward people. She is a Mon Valley native and returned to the area after retirement. She enjoys being around family and back to her roots. She is a great addition to our practice and we feel lucky to have her.

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