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Current Appointment Procedures January 2021

We are continuing to follow mitigation procedures when you come in. You are required to wear a mask and will have your temperature taken. We continue to follow rigorous cleaning protocols between patients.

The waiting area remains closed. When you arrive, please come into the office and check in. Karen or Gloria will hand you a pager and briefly interview you regarding the reason for your visit and how you are responding to your care. Then you may return to your vehicle until Dr. Wohar is ready to see you. At that time, the pager will flash and beep. There is a button in the center you press to shut the pager off. Come back into the office and place the pager in the basket to your left, then proceed down the hall.  Only patients should enter the office unless 2 people are from the same household  OR a parent or guardian is accompanying a minor under 18 years of age.

Once Dr. Wohar discusses the reason for your visit with you, he will set a timer on the wall for 11 minutes. The treatment part of your visit will proceed. The timer alarm will go off. It will be reset for 3 minutes to "wrap up" your visit. Dr. Wohar and you may then discuss any questions you have while maintaining social distancing. We apologize for such necessary procedures. Keeping your visit under 15 minutes complies with the CDC guideline for avoiding close contacts.

We have added a credit card processing terminal in the waiting room so you can swipe your card and print your receipt. We prefer payment to be made by credit/debit or check.

Most future appointments will be texted to you unless you prefer an appointment card.

Unlike the latter part of 2020, most of us know of people in our community who have become seriously ill as a result of COVID infections. Fortunately, those numbers are coming down in our area over the past couple weeks. Also, vaccines are becoming available in our area, which is reducing anxiety and apprehension. The recovery rate continues to be very high. Hopefully, the number of infected will plummet over the next couple of months.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. If you need to schedule an appointment, call us at 724-258-3371, text Karen at 724-554-2278 or email Karen @[email protected].

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